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best platforms for ecommerce site

Best Platforms For E-commerce Sites

Do you want to know the best platforms for your e-commerce site? Certain platforms are more suitable for your e-commerce website. This article will tell you the best platforms and their features and characteristics. 

The best platforms are Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce. WooCommerce has more popularity and the sequence is below.

WooCommerce> Shopify> Magneto> Big Commerce >OpenCart> Other

WooCommerce is more popular than others according to Google Trends. Google Trends does not mention certain limits like some sign ups but it is a good platform to decide the best platforms for an e-commerce site. Shopify is getting more popular as time goes on and can view their promotion campaigns in various places.

Features of the best platforms

Shopify offers a service based on subscription, while WooCommerce offers a stand alone software. Big Commerce offers subscription with a stand alone software. Magneto offers a subscription service. Shopify offers a space for hosting and you may hook the name of your domain. WooCommerce is a part of your website (WordPress) and connects to it. Big Commerce offers features for product management. Magento offers a place for hosting the store and a sub domain. You may hook up the name of your domain. Shopify offers features for product management. WooCommerce offers product management including Big Commerce. Magneto offers that too. Shopify offers features for order management with the rest of the platforms. Multiple payment gateways, basic customer management, themes, mobile compatibility, brand, sales report, discount cards, codes are available in these platforms. There are channels and extensions available with social platform.

Design of the best platforms

Shopify has looks that is impressive and has modern looks. However it has just 10 themes available. Shopify is reducing the number of themes. You can adjust presets, footer, typography, settings and so on. WooCommerce works like a plugin and puts the listing of your product and content into a theme in WordPress. This may need some CSS or the use of plugins. A lot of themes on WordPress can handle. WooCommerce and most of them offer services. Magento has no themes and you will have to use a third-party for it. Theme Forest and Magneto Connects are example.  Big Commerce has nice designs and they have a particular style. The themes in Big Commerce are both paid and free. Big Commerce is customisable.

Customer support of the best platforms

WooCommerce customer service is available for you in all terms. Shopify and Big Commerce offer efficient customer support. You can reach that of Shopify through Twitter, live chat, phone, email and this is available 24/7. WooCommerce offers some tools to help yourself and offers support of paid extensions precisely. You may use support plans for support WooCommerce. Big Commerce has phone, email and live chat with a support for the stuff. Magento has 2 packages, a free and paid version. The free version of Magento is a Community Edition while the paid version is accessible to the staff.

Simplicity to use these platforms

Shopify is a platform you can optimize. Shopify will ask for an email address and password. You can access your dashboard with different information available. You can use the button for buying, setting module and other features. Shopify is simpler to use. You need WordPress to use WooCommerce. Site Ground is an example of hosting. You can select taxes and other integration for payments. Magento lets you install a server after downloading it. Bluehost, Godaddy and Site Ground have installers of Magento. Do not install manually. You get a clear dashboard after installation. Big Commerce is simple and will ask you some questions. Managing your store is a little complex.

Pricing of the best e-commerce sites

The price of Big Commerce is more.

Big Commerce> Shopify> Magento> WooCommerce

WooCommerce may have a low price but you will need paid extensions for it. When you sum up all these extensions you get a higher price. WooCommerce and Big Commerce charge no fee for your transactions.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

Are you searching for ways to increase traffic to your store online? There are ways to encourage more buyers and that is by knowing what your customers need. This article tells you ways to drive traffic to your online store.

Use of premium content

The art of publishing content that is valuable is a way to drive traffic. Running an e-commerce shop does not have only to do with marketing products and services. A lot of customers want more information and running a WordPress website is a way to do that. Providing valuable content to your customers enables them to visit your shop more. Public news, tutorials and reviews that will bring more visitors to the website. Make content engaging to encourage buyers.

Use of Google AdWords

This is among the best ways to increase traffic to a website. Those who have a budget with limits will be able to pay for advertisement with Google AdWords. Google AdWords refers to a method of advertising for drawing people to your website. It means the person pays for the ad when a person clicks on the website, calls or looks at the video. A lot of ways exist to handle this.

Display some banner ads or text on applications, websites and Gmail

  • Display ads inside YouTube and target audience according to demographics or interests.
  • Promote applications from the online store through iOS and android services
  • Display video ads using YouTube and targeting the audience according to their demographics and interests with their place and age.

You can track and optimise your ads for promoting ROI. UTM can track limits to a landing page. Using a pay-per-click budget is suitable too.

Use of a referral program

Using a referral program is one way to engage customers and move traffic to e-commerce. Example Evernote lets users invite some friends to sign up for some premium services. Tell your followers and customers to share your information with social media and email. Using free shipping on coming purchases, discounts and credit can urge your buyers. 

Use of guest blogs

Using an engaging content on your website helps to attract people to a website. The same thing goes on guest blogging. This is a process of providing blog content to other blogs. Example is SitePoint which engages, informs and inspires the entire community. The website is open to guest blogging when the guest post goes live you get a link that takes people to your website. You may use 2 or 1 back links in your content to move people to your shop online. Even though this method takes time to move traffic to a shop, it is a way to become an authority in your shop and bring the brand to some audience which you are yet to reach.

Use of email marketing

The use of email list is among the methods for moving traffic to a shop online. You can use campaigns for new customers that are yet to buy from you and earlier customers. You can form a marketing campaign that supplies the needs for users. Example is that you can invite new visitors to subscribe to your list and target customers with promotional campaigns. 

Social media and video content

There are more consumers of videos including social media. Facebook ads are an example. The points are notable for video advertising.

  • A lot of consumers watch videos online even though this may cost data.
  • Video content attract more visitors on Facebook and online video ads will account for more traffic in the year 2020. Twitter and Facebook are creating more awareness by joining potential bases of customers and generating more customers. This method will fetch more traffic to a website. 
E-commerce Trends 2020

E-commerce Trends

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling things online. The trends of e-commerce are changing rapidly in today’s world. There is better customisation of policies and integration. This article talks about the e-commerce trends of 2020. This will tell you how to improve your performance.

Increase in mobile shopping

There was significant increase in mobile commerce recently. There was more sales from mobile phones in the year 2016 to up to 15%. 73% of buying and selling will be on mobile devices for the year 2019. The figures are not negligible. Businesses need to tap from better e-commerce experience with customers. The growth of e-commerce increases with more people using mobile devices for their purchases. More people now shop online than before. Ensure that you optimise your website users to make it accessible to more audience.

Effects of the environment on buyers

The art of green consumerism is increasing since there are more environmental concerns from buyers today. Businesses should encourage sustainable practices. People get more conscious of the environment and businesses need to take decisions that are friendly to the environment. The practice includes sourcing products that are eco-friendly. More demand for the environmentally friendly products ranging from skin care products or meat is now trending.

Increasing online shopping

Growth records increase in online shopping in recent times. Shopping online is now more popular than before. Statistics show that sales increased from 1.3 trillion in the year 2014. It is now heading to 4.5 trillion. More and more people now shop online and this is due to certain factors. Buyers now buy their goods online more than before. Websites are becoming more customers friendly leading to more people buying things online. 

The use of social media

There is an increase in the number of people who make use of social media. Instagram checkout and ‘buy’ option of Facebook is now available. Social media play a lot of role in encouraging e-commerce. It influences the way people buy things today since there is much information about products and services on social media. Social media are the platform for discovering brands. Consumers now spend a lot of time on e-commerce and Instagram. The users of Instagram and other businesses are now more reachable. Platforms such as AliDropship. There are updates coming from Facebook and Instagram to reach the needs of their buyers. Social media inspire brands and tell people about goods and services.

More people use mobile payments

More people now use mobile payments. Research confirms that 26% of people using online payments moved to 37% in the year 2018. More and more people make use of their mobile phones for payments. China is ahead of other nations in terms of mobile payments. Mobile payments have increased since there are more transactions online, car sharing and food delivery. Mobile payments methods lets you share product costs with people. Example is the UberPOOL from Uber. Mobile payments trends now by a lot of companies and firms.

Artificial Intelligence

More retailers are more willing to invest on artificial intelligence than before. Research confirms that these retails are willing to invest in activities that will promote services to available customers. These tools include automated platforms that produce offers that are timely including chatbot for queries. Artificial Intelligence is useful for discounting and pricing including forecasting. Artificial Intelligence will get stronger in coming times. Retailers invest in sectors like customer service where they use Artificial Intelligence to know how customers react to products and services. This plays a role in how the retailers promote customer experience.

Subscription method of e-commerce

This is the kind of e-commerce where the customers get certain products repeatedly. This may involve discovering products through  sampling them. This is a growing method for buying things online. The subscription have witnessed far above 100% in a year in the last 5 years. Subscribing is getting more popular as a method of purchasing things. Items like vitamins, beer, pet food etc. There is an increase in consumer recognition. Subscribing for a product helps to save some time. People buy products repeatedly to offer better user experience for products. Customer service and website design are part of it. This can develop better customer experience and enhance the business. 

The era of personalization

Personalization have some impacts on the relationships with customers. This is a way to satisfy the customers. Those who shop things online need to get products they are searching for and they appreciate an experience that involves personalization. E-commerce sites want to investigate how to offer a better shopping experience to customers through email or through discounts.